My Story

For over twenty years, I’ve created aspirational New Zealand homes and offices. From contemporary to traditional, residential kitchens to fully fitted out office spaces. Each project is skilfully managed from an idea into an innovative and practical space that becomes the ultimate expression of my client.

After studying at Brighton School of Architecture, I worked in London for 10 years with a variety of design and architectural practices.

I established my New Zealand practice in 1992.

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“Andrew wields a rare mix of vision and attention to detail. I’ve used him for several projects, commercial and personal, and have always been impressed by the breadth of his thinking and the quality of the result.”
Luke Pierson, Heyday, Wellington.

“Congratulations…. You are the designer of a Trends Top 30 NZ Kitchen!
The Trends Top 30 NZ Kitchen are appraised by a Trends panel on the basis of excellence in design, function, product specification and style. Congratulations from the team at Trends.
John Williams, Managing Editor, Trends Magazine.

“I am very excited about the potential for my kitchen. Your understanding of the character of the house combined with it’s idiosyncrasies have shown me that you are a designer of great sensitivity. I have sat here and reviewed the drawings and the surfaces and am captivated by the potential.”
Mary, Auckland.

After months of indecision on what curtaining to put in our new house, we consulted Andrew and he came up with wonderful suggestions of both colour and texture which we would never have considered on our own. We are very happy with the end result , the choices were perfect.
Kate, Auckland

“Our family environment has been significantly improved.”
Craig and Linda, Wellington.